About Us


Welcome to Pink Lemon Standard!

Pink Lemon? Yes, it is a real fruit.

Pink lemons are visually more appealing than the bitter & solid color cousin, yellow lemons. Pink lemons have a sweeter taste. This fruit is is symbolic to how I hope most people choose to live their lives even when "handed a lemon". When life is seen with the Pink Lemon Standard, it is seen as beautiful & sweeter.

When life hands you a lemon, be sure it's a pink lemon. It's the sweeter side of life :) 

Answering "who we are" may be the most difficult thing about creating this business!

We are you. We are parents, children, aunts & uncles, siblings, managers, peons, leaderships, spouses, partners, pet lovers, non-pet lovers, and choose not to identify with any one group.

We would rather answer who we do this for? We do this for you. Those of you who love bags; both big and small. Individuals who love vibrant colors or more traditional colors like classic black.

Please make yourself comfortable and stay awhile by searching your favorite style, patterns, or brand using our search feature.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us by email at pinklemonstandard@gmail.com .